Beauty Trend: Blue Eyeliner

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There are always beauty trends that come along every year that seem to catch fire.  This spring, one trend that has come back is blue eyeliner.  From the runways to editorial, blue eyeliner has been seen almost everywhere.  From a thick winged look like the middle picture above to smudged out eyeshadow along the lash line, blue is officially back.  At first I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this trend because I always think about bad 80's blue eyeshadow whenever I see it.  I am not one to usually experiment with lots of color on my eyes.  If I am going to do something bold, it is usually a bright pink or red lip.  I am more of an earth tone type for my overall makeup, especially my eyes.  So while I don't see myself ever rocking a bright blue winged eyeliner look, I do think it is a fun way to experiment with makeup and try something new.  My favorite version of this trend is subtly adding blue eyeliner to the lower lash line like the bottom right image of Cara Delevingne.  I think this looks really pretty and gives just the right amount of pop.  For a bolder look, I also like Jessica Biel's smudgy eyeshadow on her bottom lash line as well.  It is not over whelming, but still is pretty bold.  If you are hesitant to try this trend, an easy way to dip your toe into it would be to try a dark blue eyeliner that has more of a black tint.  That way, you are just getting a slight pop of color.  The best part about a trend like this is it is super easy to try with very little commitment.  I have picked out some great options above if you are feeling bold!