Top 4 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

Top 4 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

Every year there seems to be a new health, food or beauty trend that becomes all the rage.  Last year was the year of kale and it seemed like it was everywhere, even on t-shirts!  You literally could not go anywhere to escape it.  This year is the year of coconut oil which packs both health and beauty benefits into a jar. Some of health benefits to using coconut oil are lower blood cholesterol, weight loss and increase in fat burn.  I have to admit I have never really like the flavor of coconuts so I am still coming around to it in my cooking, but from a beauty perspective I am totally on board!  Not only is it a cost-effective alternative to expensive beauty products,  but it is also 100% natural.  Here are my favorite ways to incorporate coconut oil into my beauty routine:

  1. Makeup remover - Getting all of the mascara and eyeshadow off after a long day can be tricky especially if you use a waterproof formula.  I love taking a little bit of coconut oil on a cotton swab and using it as eye makeup remover.  Not only does it do a great job, but it is also very gentle.  I sometimes get dry skin and red patches on my eyelids and using coconut oil in place of traditional eye makeup remover helps to not only prevent that but it also helps heal any irritation that I may have.
  2. Cuticle oil -  Recently I have been doing at home manicures to save time and money.  Before I cut my cuticles I like to take coconut oil and rub it directly on them.  This primes them for my manicure and helps to keep the nail bed healthy.  You can also add some of the oil to water and soak your hands before you get started. 
  3. Hair Mask - Between blow drying my hair and styling it, it can sometimes become dry and brittle.  Coconut oil is a great mask to help deliver moisture back into your hair and repair split ends. Take a small amount of the oil and put it on the ends of your hair.  Leave in for an hour and wash thoroughly.  (tip: only put the oil on the ends of your hair, avoiding the scalp).
  4. Body Moisturizer -  I am a huge fan of using face oils and find that they work so well at delivering moisture and creating a great complexion.  I decided to try coconut oil as a body moisturizer over the summer when I had just gotten back from vacation and my skin was a little dry from the pool and laying out in the sun.  Even though it takes a little while longer to absorb, coconut oil will make your skin feel like a million bucks!  Just be sure to let it completely absorb into the skin before getting dressed.

Overall I think coconut oil is a great beauty product because it is effective, practical and very inexpensive.  What do you like to use coconut oil for?