Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

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Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks: Lip Liner Pillow Talk // Very Victoria // Bitch Perfect // Pillow Talk // Sweet Stiletto // Sexy Salma // Crazy In Love Lip Liner // Amazing Grace 

Full Confession: I am a lipstick/lipgloss addict.  No matter how many tubes of it I have, I can't seem to walk by a a Sephora or makeup counter at the mall without picking something up.   Since I discovered Charlotte Tilbury makeup, my addiction to her lipstick range has been serious.  I love all of her makeup, but there is something about her lip products that are special.  I love all of the colors and the way that they feel on your lips.   Today I am showing the different Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks that I have and how they look when applied.  Press Play!