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Today I am kicking off a new weekly feature on the blog, Wine & Cheese Wednesday.  Every week I am going to be featuring a new wine and cheese that I discover and will be giving my review of it.  Anyone who knows me knows I live for a cheese plate and a good glass of wine.  If you are coming over to my house for a party or going out to dinner with me, chances are a cheese plate will be involved at some point.   I want to preference these posts by saying that I am NOT a wine or cheese expert, so all opinions are my own and based off of what I like.  That being said, I think that a lot of wine and cheese lovers like myself are always looking to try new things so hopefully these posts will provide some inspiration! 

This week I am featuring one of my favorite bottles of red wine, Liberty School Cabernet.  This wine is super affordable and the perfect compliment to a cheese plate or on its own.  Today I am pairing it with a sharp Grafton cheddar cheese that was purchased from the Italian market Eataly in NYC.  SO GOOD!!   This outstanding cheddar has a pronounced, mature flavor, smooth finish, and a drier, crumbly texture.  This is a great neutral cheese for a party because it isn't too strong so even non-cheese lovers will probably like it.  

What the wine experts say:

  • Ruby black in color, the 2013 Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon displays classic Cabernet aromas of black currant, crushed blackberry and cherry, with undertones of charred sandalwood, black peppercorn, eucalyptus and a dash of cinnamon. On the palate, dark berries, cherry and a hint of toasted oak unfold as the velvety tannins and balancing acidity lead to a long, fruit driven finish.

What I Say:

  • This is a great wine for the value.  It is a full bodied cabernet without being too overpowering.  The fruity notes are dominate without tasting too sweet.  I was so excited to see this on sale for $11.34 at  In my neighborhood store it costs $18.99 a bottle so I was very happy to see it available at at lower cost.  I love a napa valley cabernet and this bottle remains one of my go-to staples for parties and my wine rack at home.  Cheers!

Liberty School Cabernet (2013): $11.34 (, Retail Price: $18.99 , 88 points wine enthusiast, Liberty School Website

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