Wine & Cheese Wednesday: Louis Martini

Louis Martini Cabernet
wine and cheese plate
Pradera gouda cheese
Louis martini cabernet sauvignon
wine and cheese wednesday

Believe it or not when I first started to drink wine I would only drink white, specifically Pinot Grigio.  At the time, it was the only wine that I liked so I pretty much stuck to the known, occasionally spicing it up with a Riesling here and there.  It wasn't until I started dating my now husband that I started to try red wine.  He exclusively drank red so I would always take little sips out of his glass and eventually I started to really enjoy it, especially when we would go out to nice steak dinners.  Now things have completely switched and I actually prefer red over white.  Today I am sharing a cabernet that I first started drinking when I started to like red wine.  This Louis Martini Cabernet is a great starter cab for people who are looking to try a new red.  It is relatively inexpensive compared to the quality and it is a universal red that almost everyone can get on board with.  To compliment it, I am pairing it with two new cheeses that I am really excited about!  

The cheese on the left is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese from the Veneto region in northern Italy called Piave.  It is parmesan's sexy, sophisticated cousin with a creamy and flavorful finish.  Like Parmigiano, Piave pairs well with both red and white wine, but is smoother and easier to eat right from the wheel.  The cheese on the right is called Pradera Gouda.  This 3-year Gouda is sweet, nutty and has a slight caramel/butterscotchy finish.   I recently learned that the older gouda gets, the denser and more delicious it becomes! This cheese is packed with delicious crystals that are a hallmark of well-aged cheese.   They both go perfectly with this nice bottle of cabernet!

Louis Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon: $20.00/ bottle purchase at  (note: now offering $20 off purchases through Thanksgiving!)

To Purchase This Cheese: Piave , Pradera Gouda

What The Experts Say:

Our Louis M. Martini 2014 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon wine reflects the best of the warm, narrow Dry Creek Valley and the hot yet wind-cooled Alexander Valley. Together, these unique features create a rich, superbly balanced Cabernet Sauvignon with copious yet supple tannins.

Those tannins make the young wine approachable but will still give it enough texture to age gracefully. This vintage had a long, calm growing season, helping create elevated and concentrated flavors that include wild berries, plum, licorice and mocha. The full-bodied and mouth-coating feel on the palate leads to a long, graceful finish with tones of intense fruit, dried herbs and cedar inside firm structure.

What I Say:

This is a great cabernet, especially for beginners. It is well balanced, not to heavy and has just the right amount of fruitiness to it.  This will pair well with a variety of food and would be a great table wine to serve at a party.