Costa Rica Travel Recap

This month has been so exciting and filled with a lot of travel.  My first stop was Costa Rica and I have to say it was different from any place I've ever been before.  Before going, I didn't do much research so I really didn't know what to expect.  We started our trip in San Josรฉ which is the capital of Costa Rica.  I have to admit that you can probably skip this part of the trip if you are visiting and just go straight to the coast.  I think that's what most tourists do, but we had some business to attend to first.  After a few days in the city where we explored some of the local cuisine and artisan markets, we headed to the pacific coast.  Driving up to the hotel we stayed at, we were on a one lane road in the middle of the jungle.  It was a surreal experience especially since we drove in at night! I have never been to the jungle before so this part of the trip was by far my favorite!  Seeing animals like monkeys, crocodiles and anteaters in their natural habitat was really amazing.  Besides the jungle, we also did a few other excursions that made our trip. Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Zip Lining at Vista Los Sueรฑos - I am always down for a little adventure so I was all about the Costa Rican zip lining experience.  When we arrived we got geared up and hopped on a tractor that took us up the huge side of a mountain.  This can be a little intimidating and I have to admit that I had a few butterflies during the trek up.  Once you arrive at the first zip line, you are high above the trees in the jungle and it is truly breathtaking.  Mid-way through our experience it started to mist which added a really cool element to the excursion.  If you are into adventure, I suggest doing this on your visit. 
  • Crocodile Tour at Josรจ's Crocodile River tour - Costa Rica is filled with wildlife, and crocodiles are abundant.  During our visit we took a guided boat tour down the river to see these animals up close and personal.  Our boat driver and guide actually got out of the boat onto the banks and got the crocs to come over so we could get a better view.  It was really wild how fearless he was and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  On the way back to the docks we were treated to a beautiful sunset.  
  • The beach at Jaco: Jaco is a beach town in Costa Rica known for its nightlife and surfing.  We took a day trip there to explore this quaint beach town and checked out the surfing championships that were going on that day at the beach.  If you are nearby, a trip to Jaco should be added to your list to absorb some of the local culture and nightlife!