Wine & Cheese Wednesday: Whispering Angel Rosé and Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese

whispering angel rose
dessert cheese plate
rosé wine 
sweet cheese tray 
baked lemon ricotta cheese
baked lemon ricotta dessert cheese

This week I am excited to share one of my favorites wines, Whispering Angel Rosé.   At first I was a little reluctant to try rosé wine because I kind of assumed due to the color, it was similar in taste to white zinfandel.  I am NOT a fan of white zinfandel so I always stayed clear and just assumed I wouldn't like it.  It wasn't until a close friend of mine set me straight that I started to get on board and now rosé has become one of my favorite wines to drink!  This wine will pretty much go with anything because it is so light, but today I am excited to pair it with a delicious baked lemon ricotta cheese.  Baked lemon ricotta cheese hails from Italy and is made with fresh milk, salt, and whey. The resulting curd is blended with lemon cream (a mix of lemons and sugar), then placed into a circular mold and baked at low temperatures.  When it gets done baking, it looks exactly like a cheesecake does straight from the oven.  I have to say that this cheese is one of the best I have ever tried!  It is super light and sweet, which makes it pair well with fruit.  It tastes like a light lemon cheesecake, making it the perfect dessert cheese.  Today I paired it with fresh strawberries, grapes and sweet brioche toasts.  For an extra pop of sweetness, you can add strawberry preserves or honey.  Even though this is a sweeter cheese, you don't have to exclusively serve this as a dessert.  I saw a great recommendation online to mix it into a hot pasta dish for a creamy, lemony sauce.  YUM!

Whispering Angel Rosé: $21.99 ,

What The Experts Say:

An irresistible pink! Charming, refreshing, refined, and with plenty of juicy, enticing, strawberry and berry fruit. This is a rosé that should be in everyone’s cellars, without exception.  Aromas of chalk, stone, light strawberry and lemon follow through to a full body and tangy acidity with plenty of flavor at the finish. Lively and delicious.

What I say:

This is by far my favorite rosé!  It is light and refreshing and one of my favorite wines to drink.  I especially like to drink this in the warmer summer months because it reminds me of being at the beach.  Affectionately known as "summer water", this wine has just the right balance between sweet and dry.   It pairs well with almost any food, but I especially like it with a fruit plate and a sweeter cheese like the one above.  Helpful hint: In my opinion, the best tasting rosé wines are pale pink in color and come from the Côtes de Provence region of France.  Enjoy!