Things I Love: Podcasts

the best podcasts

Over the past year, podcasts have started to become a mainstream form of entertainment.  I didn't even know about podcasting until I saw excerpts from a podcast interview in an article I was reading and I figured I would check it out.  Ever since, I have been a huge fan and loyal listener.  It is a fun alternative to listening to music and a great way to learn new things and have a good laugh.   I listen to podcasts to pass time at the gym, while commuting/traveling or even just doing chores around the house! The best part about podcasts is that they are completely FREE, available to everyone with a smartphone or tablet.  If you have an iPhone, the podcast app is already built into your phone.  It is the purple icon with the radio tower symbol.  Once you are in the app you can search for specific podcasts or by the top charts (similar to iTunes).  If you have a Droid or other kind of smartphone,  you can listen by downloading an app like pocket casts.  There are podcasts on just about every subject imaginable including heath & fitness, entrepreneurship and comedy.  Today I am sharing my favorite podcasts that I am subscribed to.  Check it out below:

  • Anna Faris is Unqualified - Actress Ana Faris interviews some of her celebrity friends putting them through a series of bizarre games and giving "unqualified" advice to callers.  
  • Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald - Comedian Heather McDonald provides commentary on the latest pop culture events.  Her guests include other comedians and pop culture icons.  
  • The School of Greatness With Lewis Howes - This is a motivational podcast where NYT best selling author Lewis Howes interviews notable entrepreneurs about their secrets to success.
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast - Self-help guru Tony Robbins delivers motivational inspiration and interviews a variety of guests who share their tips and tricks for succeeding in life.
  • The Bitch Bible - Funny girl and blogger Jackie Schimmel covers all things pop culture and shares her personal gripes and life stories.  Super snarky and funny. I especially love her Real Housewives recaps.
  • The Dr. Drew Podcast - Celebrity Doctor Drew Pinksy covers a variety of topics in health and wellness.
  • The PHP: The Perez Hilton Podcast - The most famous entertainment blogger covers all things pop culture and celebrity.  Pure guilty pleasure!
  • The James Altucher Show - Serial entrepreneur James Altucher discusses his keys to success and gives tips on building your business.
  • The Adam and Dr. Drew Show - Dr. Drew Pinksy and comedian Adam Corolla answer caller questions on a variety of life topics.  Dr. Drew's straight-edge advice and Adam's humor make for a great combination!