Wine & Cheese Wednesday: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Cloudy bay sauvignon blanc
cloudy bay wine
sauvignon blanc wine with cheese
cloudy bay sauvignon blanc
cloudy bay sauvignon blanc

When I first started drinking wine, I only drank pinot grigio.  Slowly but surely I switched over to drinking reds and rosè, but it took me a long time to come around to sauvignon blanc.  It still isn't my favorite wine to drink but when I find a good one that I like, I definitely have a great appreciation for it.  In my experience, the best sauvignon blanc wines come from New Zealand.  They are less dry than the ones that come from other regions and have a sweeter taste. When I saw this wine from Cloudy Bay Vineyards I wanted to try it because it is from New Zealand and is available at a great price point.  It is the perfect example of a great sauvignon blanc that is just the right balance between fruity, dry and crisp.  I paired it with Pound Cake cheese, which despite it's name is not a sweet cheese, but rather a cows milk cheese that has rich flavors of butter, toasted nuts and herbs.   The other cheese on the plate is an Italian sheep's milk cheese called Caiotta del Lazio.  The plate was topped off with pomegranate pistachio crackers, wine crackers and Italian acacia honey.  Delicious!

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, $25.09,

What The Experts Say:

Impressively intense and focused, with vibrant Meyer lemon notes up front, followed by pineapple, green apple skin, dried apricot and green tea details, coming together on the smooth, spicy, juicy finish.

What I say:

This is a great sauvignon blanc for anyone who isn't a big fan.  It is super fruity and balanced, similar to a crisp pinot grigio.  I envision myself drinking this on a hot summer day by the beach!  A must-try for anyone looking for a great sauvignon blanc that will even turn the haters into fans.