Sweat It Out: Workout Style

Luxe Details:

1. Zella Capri Leggings / 2. Nike Fly Knit Sneakers / 3. Lululemon Tank / 4. Zella Sports Bra / 5. Sweaty Betty Tank / 6. Lululemon Long Sleeve Shirt / 7. Lululemon Capri Pants

Hello City Luxers,

Today’s post is dedicated to all of the workout fanatics out there.   These days there are so many great options for workout attire; there is no excuse for wearing your ratty old sweatpants to the gym anymore. I know I always feel better and more in the groove at the gym when I am looking stylish.  The best part about some of these pieces is that you can wear them outside of the gym as well if you are feeling sporty.  Have fun sweating it out in style!