Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50

Gifts Under $50

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From Top Left: Fringe Notebook // Gorjana Bracelet // Longchamp Card Holder // Vanessa Mooney Earrings // Kate Spade Gloves // Herbivore Face Mist // Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Set // Jonathan Adler Candle

This week my gift guide is dedicated to shoppers on a budget.  Whether you are in a secret santa pool with a set dollar limit or need to stretch your funds a bit this season, I have rounded up some of my favorite gifts all under $50.  What I like about finding gifts at a lower price point is you have to be a little bit more creative.  Anyone can go out and buy an expensive handbag and know that it will be a home run, but finding a thoughtful gift on a budget requires a little bit of craftiness.  Whenever I need to buy a gift within a certain price point I always like to think of items that people always like, but would never normally buy for themselves.  For example, I love candles but I am not likely going to walk into Nordstrom and buy myself a $40 candle even though I would love it.  The practical side of my brain kicks in and I start thinking about how I could put that money towards a nice dinner or a shirt that I can get a few seasons out of.  So the good thing about a $50 limit is that you can buy something nice and a little luxe that someone isn't likely going to buy for themselves.  All of the gifts I picked above are good examples of this like the fancy notebook for jotting down goals and ideas, the nice leather credit card holder and the luxe lipstick set.  These are all great gifts that anyone would love, but probably wouldn't spend the money on for themselves.  To shop, click the links above or below.